How it started in Syria

So today’s my catch up day on posts, better late than never. I’m gonna provide some background on the conflict by looking at the beginning of the Arab Spring. The Arab Spring started in December 2010 in Tunisia when a young man set himself on fire in protest of policemen confiscating his vegetables and fruits stand. Problems such as unemployment and freedom of speech have been a problem for some time now and this was the tipping point. Soon protests erupted throughout Tunisia and within a month the President Ben Ali fled to Saudi Arabia in January 2011. Not long after, Egypt also began protesting on the grounds of similar issues. In February President Mubarak resigned. In the same month Yemen, Libya, and Bahrain also began protesting. In March, Syria began to protest. One year to this day, the protests still continue but it has escalated to fighting and more violence. It is on the brink of a civil war much like Libya. June 2011, President Saleh leaves Yemen for Saudi Arabia for medical treatment when he was injured in an explosion. A few months later in October, Gadhafi is killed by rebel forces in his hometown of Sirte. In November, President Saleh also resigned. With most of the leaders gone, only Syria and Bahrain still have their leaders.

The conflict in Syria is still raging as president Bashar al-Assad refuses to step down and relinquish his power. So far, thousands have died, though the exact number is not clear, and thousands more have been displaced and sought refuge in neighboring Lebanon, Jordan, and Turkey.


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