Project Update

AIYA!!!!! I’m going to pull my hair out!!!!! I’m just starting to get used to Lightworks and then an extreme roadblock hits me. I can’t add text to images/videos on the Beta version of Lightworks!!! WHAT?! I need to be able to add text onto my images to explain what’s going on. There is a way in which I can get around it but it would require me using other software to make a video with the text then adding it to my project in Lightworks. So complicated. My other option is to completely start fresh with another software that allows me to add text onto my images/videos like Avid or Window Movie Maker. This sucks!!! I might have to go with the ladder even though the former is so much more cooler! For someone who is completely computer illiterate like me, Lightworks is a hard software to use. It’s very professional, real film editors use Lightworks. The Beta version is the version available and free to the public. It’s great because it’s very high quality but it’s confusing to use if you’ve never used it before. I spent ages watching tutorial videos just to figure it out. Also something happened to my videos when I was importing them. My HD videos, the audio was messed up after importing them into Lightworks. Trimming and editing the clips is fairly easy but takes some time to get used to. Looks like I’ve got a huge decision on my hands. I want to continue using Lightworks just so I can learn how to master it but I absolutely need to use text :/.


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